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Climate Change Vulnerability

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Rural Development Report 2015

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Arsenic in Drinking Water

Cover Arsenic in Drinking Water

Dynamic of Poverty

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Participatory Techniques for Planning and Management of Rural Development Projects

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Training Series No. 77.  2012 © CIRDAP

ISBN: 984-8104-73-5

Microfinance in Selected Asia Pacific Region


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Training Series No. 76.  2012 © CIRDAP

ISBN: 984-8104-72-5

Current Status and Future Directions of Rural Development: CIRDAP Perspectives

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CIRDAP Study Series No. 200. February 2006 © CIRDAP

ISBN: 984-8104-49-5


For establishing a comprehensive mechanism for knowledge generation, information dissemination and review of rural development (RD) and poverty alleviation (PA) processes at regional levels, CIRDAP is organizing regional policy dialogue on current issues relevant to its member countries. This publication is the report of the first policy dialogue held in October 2005 in Dhaka, where policymakers of different levels from the 14 member countries participated in and discussed emerging issues of RD and PA.

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Rural Development Report 2005

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CIRDAP Study Series No.199

November 2005. © CIRDAP.

ISBN 984-8104-48-5

The report highlights the rural development issues in context of a globalizing economy and the need to address the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) from a macro-perspective. The report is a result of an understanding that rural development efforts pursued by certain countries, which have attained higher economic growth rates and reduced poverty to a great extent taking the reformist path, have useful lessons by offer to others within the region.

Guidelines for Good Governance


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Year of Publication: 2005


This report provides a reference source for understanding the concepts, methods, interventions and innovations aimed to make good governance a possibility. The intervention needs to vary according to the context from little changes in some cases to critical changes in other's. As there is a basic infrastructure already available in the countries of the region, political commitment becomes the core problem. The problems on which good governance can be built are in the realm of rule of law, integrity, transparency, participation, accountability and efficiency. These rules are not only for the public sector but also for the NGOs, civil society organizations, private sector and all others involved in development. The report, based on the proceedings of the second workshop titled “Follow-up Workshop and Preparing Guidelines for Good Governance”, was held at CIRDAP during 18-22 April 2004 , presents an overall picture on various matters pertaining to governance.

Rural Development Policies, Strategies and Success Stories in CIRDAP Countries.


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Year of Publication : 2004


This book is an important step forward to understand the varying nature of countries' efforts with a common thread to address the problems of poverty and to move ahead to achieve the millennium development goals. This is an effort by CIRDAP to present the poverty alleviation strategies and programmes of CIRDAP member countries at one place.

Asian Financial Crisis and South Asia

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Year of Publication: 2003


A study in four South Asian Countries: Bangladesh, India, Nepal and Sri Lanka with objective to increase the understanding of the underlying dynamics and the cross-cutting linkages of the Asian crisis focusing on their implications for South Asia. A major concern of the study was to examine the efficacy and adequacy of the policy and other adopted measures of the countries in response to the crisis and based on the lessons and findings of the study, identify appropriate concerns in future policy making.

Governance Partnership and Poverty

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Year of Publication: 2003

This report is based on the proceedings of the seminar, entitled “Governance, Partnership and Poverty”. The seminar was conducted at CIRDAP Headquarters in Dhaka, Bangladesh from 14 to 17 December 2002, and was well represented by the countries of the region, international organizations, and experts. The result was specialist presentations, discussions and recommendations, which are presented in this report for wider dissemination and action.

Empowerment of Women in CIRDAP Member Countries: Experiences and Issues

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Year of Publication: 2003

This report is a consolidated one, based on the country studies entitled, Impact of Increase in Household income on Role and Status of Women within the Household, in CIRDAP's Seven Member countries, namely, Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Vietnam in collaboration with the Government of Japan and contains a review of policies, programmes pertaining to women empowerment as well as findings of the country studies in selected sites. It attempts to give a comparative picture of the women's status in the seven countr

ies, and comes up with certain policy prescriptions.

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