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CIRDAP-RGNIYD Collaborative Exposure-cum-Training Programme
on Youth Development in India


Tentative Date: 16-20 December 2017 [5 days excluding arrival and departure]

Venue: RGNIYD, Chennai, India

Implementing Organisations: Centre on Integrated Rural Development for Asia and the Pacific

(CIRDAP), and Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of Youth Development (RGNIYD)

No. of Participants: 20 (students from public /private universities)


CIRDAP is a regional, intergovernmental and autonomous institution, working for prosperous rural communities to its 15 member countries. It was established in 1979 at the initiative of the countries of the Asia-Pacific region and the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations with support from other UN organisations and donor countries/agencies. The Secretariat operates through its designated Contact Ministries and Link Institutions. CIRDAP promotes technical cooperation, capacity building among the nations of Asia and the Pacific region. It plays a supplementary and reinforcing role, among others, in supporting and furthering the effectiveness of integrated rural development programmes in the Asia-Pacific region.

The Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of Youth Development (RGNIYD), a national organization based in Tamil Nadu, India. The institute is working under the Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports, Government of India set up in 1993. It functions as a think-tank of the Ministry and premier organization of youth-related activities throughout the country and beyond. They play as a vital resource centre with its multi-faceted functions by offering academic and non-academic programmes on youth development

CIRDAP believe collective activities will bring benefit on idea sharing, enhance capacity to its member countries, and alleviate poverty through people's participation in the development process. To bring long term impact on any Rural Development and Poverty Alleviation programme, CIRDAP would like to engage the youth to enhance their knowledge-learning-capacity and leadership quality. Moreover, RGNIYD is a nodal agency for youth development activities at national and international level. CIRDAP and RGNIYD initiated a collaborate exposure-cum-training for Bangladeshi national youth to provide them an international exposure to enhance their knowledge, change their mind-set for to become future leader in development arena.

Objectives of the programme:

(i) Against the backdrop of the national youth policy objectives, inter-alia, to create an international perspective among youth and involve them in promoting peace and development understanding in the society;

(ii) To promote exchanging of ideas, values and culture as well as to develop international understanding among the youth of Bangladesh and India.


Who can Apply:

(i) Only students of Bangladeshi national;

(ii) Students of 3rd year graduation to Masteral programme [regular student];

(iii) Good command in English;

(iv) Physically and mentally fit to undertake the intensive training; and

(v) International passport holder (at least have validity till June ’18).


How to Apply:

(i) Applicants must submit their candidacy through the respective Department of their educational institution;

(ii) Applicants should fill-in CIRDAP’s Profile Form;

(iii) Respective institutional department should collect profile form from the interested students, and nominate at least three students;

(iv) The institutional department should submit their nomination with profile form to:

The Director (Training a.i.)
'Chameli House', 17 Topkhana Road
GPO Box 2883, Dhaka 1000; and

(v) All applicants will submit their cited document to their concern departments by 20 November 2017, and the Department should send to CIRDAP by 22 November 2017.



All local hospitality (i.e. lodging, boarding and local transport) in India during programme will be offered to the selected candidates.

Financial Arrangement:

  • All international travel expenses (Bangladesh-India-Bangladesh) will be borne by participants / their respective institutions;
  • Visa processing fee and other expenses, from Bangladesh to RGNIYD to Bangladesh, will be borne by participants / their respective institutions;
  • Scholarship support will cover one day before and one day after of project period; and
  • No pocket allowances will be provided by CIRDAP or RGNIYD.

General Information

(i) Applications must reach CIRDAP on or before 22 November 2017;

(ii) Under normal circumstances, the applicants will be called for the physical interview (tentative date: 27-29 November ’17);

(iii) If necessary, we will go for police verification for selected candidates;

(iv) Applicants should bring all original documents (i.e. educational certificates, NID, passport etc.) during interview;

(v) Decision for selection rests solely with CIRDAP; and

(vi) Participants will be given a Certificate of Participation. A general ceremony might be organised at CIRDAP after the programme.

For any query:
Name: Mohammad Abu Saleh Siddique
[Coordinator of the programme]
Cell: +880-1790233433

Programme Brief

Programme Schedule (Tentative)

Application Profile Form (.pdf)

Application Profile Form (.doc)


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