Centre on Integrated Rural Development for Asia and the Pacific

For Prosperous Rural Communities

Focus Areas, Target Groups and Goals

Focus Areas

  1. Sustainable Management and Efficient use of Natural Resources

-     Land Administration and Management

-     Waste management

-     Natural resource management

  1. Livelihood

-   Economic Productivity through Technological Innovation, Upgrading and Diversification and Related Policies

-   Skill development

-   Entrepreneurship

-   Access to Financial Services

-   Sustainable Tourism (Eco Tourism)

  1. Access to Basic Service

-     Food security

-     Safe and affordable drinking water and sanitation

-     Health and education

-     Affordable reliable and modern renewable energy

-     Access to Information

-     Decent Housing

  1. Climate Change and Impacts

-     Strengthen Resilience and Adaptive Capacity to Climate Change

-     Mitigation of adverse impact


  1. Governance

-     Strengthening local governance and CBO/CSOs

-      Rural areas in transition


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