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Aarong attracts Interest in Fiji

A team of two officials from Aarong, Bangladesh Mr. Ashraf and Tanveer visited Fiji upon the invitation of the Ministry of Women, Children and Poverty Alleviation through the initiative of CIRDAP. Their visit was a fact-finding mission to determine how a development model suitable for Fiji could be designed for rural women.

The two Aarong officials visited few women cultural groups starting with Ba Womens’ Forum viewing their crafts before they visited another womens’ group that specialises in bee keeping. Later in the day they went to Lawai, Nadroa to visit a group that specialise in pottery. The highlight of their visit when they conducted a workshop in which participants came from the cultural and religious they had visited. The purpose of the workshop was for the construction of a development model to assist women in entrepreneurship. The team drew national interest after appearing twice in the six o’clock NEWS at the Fiji TV One in which the purpose of the visit was highlighted. The Ministry of Women as outcome of the Aarong visit are discussing the sending of a delegation of top government officials to Bangladesh in 2018.

Mr. Tanvir [on the left] and Mr. Ashraf [on the right] both flanking DG, CIRDAP and PS, Ministry of Women.

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