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Pilot Projects Division of CIRDAP


The ‘Charter of Agreement' for the establishment of CIRDAP envisaged ‘Action Research' as one of its major objectives. The action research envisaged to devise innovative experimental projects by identifying appropriate institutions, methodologies and technologies to enhance skills, and build capacities of human resource development of villagers for income generation and for other productive as well as social and economic empowerment. After a decade of action research experience, CIRDAP how implements Pilot Projects to expand its field level activities in the CMCs.

Areas Concerned

Since 1979 CIRDAP has completed 41 action research/pilot projects. The major considerations in formulating pilot projects are:

Effective and efficient participation of the target groups

  • Integration of activities of rural development agencies at the community level
  • Cooperation and collaboration with NGOs.

Methods and Implementation

The CIRDAP initiated a project to improvise the application of the Community Information and Planning System (CIPS) and evolved what is called CIRDAP Approach to Rural Development (CARD). Under this a project was implemented in India and Lao PDR which had the main goal of improving livelihoods of rural poor, by constructing or rehabilitating the peripheral infrastructure in the project areas. The project achieved a good number of outcomes. Of them two were significant;

  • it has offered a framework of “tripartite alliance” consisting of Go-NGO-Community for promoting and strengthening peoples participation for community development
  • the CARD methodology has shown very good potential albeit at micro-level, to correct some of the market failures through thrift, micro-credit and income generation activities as well as state failures such as blue print approach, bureaucratic and procedural delays due to the presence of civil society organizations and self help groups.

CIRDAP has established collaboration with several organizations and entered into Memorandum of Understanding with many Universities and NGOs. A project implemented by CIRDAP and ANGOC on “Participatory Processes: Learning from NGO Experiences in Asia and Pacific” carried out the following activities among others:

  • Document the best practices of participation in NGO/CBO sector
  • Field test the participatory tools, methodologies and approaches in India, China, Philippines and Vietnam.

A Pilot Project titled ‘Capacity-building and Empowerment of Women SHGs through Social Mobilization and Micro-credit in Myanmar, Sri Lanka and Vietnam had the following objectives:

  • Promote women self-help groups under social mobilization process
  • Provide access to credit and mobilize savings
  • Provide portfolio of opportunities to generate additional income
  • Provide women groups access to basic social services.

The current priority areas of Pilot Projects are:

  • Macro policy issues in poverty alleviation
  • Participatory approaches to employment generation, credit, provision of infrastructure, and local resource mobilization
  • Gender and development
  • Environmental concerns including disaster management for sustainable development.
Regional Workshop of SARD-M Project held in Nepal Pilot Projects Division of CIRDAP is planning to coordinate best practices

Recent Activity


* Workshop on Fisheries Programme

 Fishery programme  Fishery programme

 Workshop on Management and Maintenance of fishing Ports in Partnership with Local Communities
at Banddar Abbas, I.R Iran. 05-14 October 2013


* Horizontal Learning Program (HLP)


Horizontal Learning Programme (HLP)
Working Team Meeting, Resource Person Selection & Criteria,
25 August 2013, CIRDAP, Dhaka.

* Rural Women Artisans

* CBPO Ratnaboty

* Muguge village on Seed Processing

* CBPO Workshop


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