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Somporn Hanpongpandh 

Presently he is a consultant to World Bank, IFAD, ADB, JICA etc. He was also Former Director general, CIRDAP and Lecturer, Department of Agricultural Technology, Faculty of Technological Innovation, Bangkok Thonbury University.  For details: click here


Prof. Yoshihiro Kaida
Former CIRDAP IRD Expert

Email: kaidayoshi@gmail.comKaida

He served as  Research Associate, Associate Professor and Professor at the Center for Southeast Asian Studies of Kyoto University, 1967-2003.Also taught at Graduate Course of Tropical Agriculture, and Graduate School of Asian and African Area Studies of Kyoto University.Professor Emeritus of Kyoto University since 2003.Author of 20 books and over 250 professional articles on soil-water-plant relationships, irrigation, environmental management, Asian village studies and a wide range of rural development studies.

Starting his carrier as an irrigation specialist, he entered the arena of Southeast Asian area studies in the late 1960s, pursued village studies in Thailand, and later since 1985, led a team study of rural development in Bangladesh with multi-disciplinary group of scholars of both Bangladesh and Japan, which yielded a so-called PRDP-Link Model. He stayed in Bangladesh from 2003 to 2007 as a JICA expert to operationalize the model, which is now being replicated by BRDB in 200 unions in the all 64 districts of Bangladesh.

As the IRD Expert of CIRDAP from 2002 to 2013, he presented a number of professional papers at the Technical Committee every year. He was the convener of the CIRDAP Evaluation Committee 2009. Currently, he stays at CIRDAP as a Fellow for two month to help CIRDA Preorganize the web-page of good practices in the CMCs.

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